Automatic spiral wrap At 600 A

  • Appropriate for the packaging of bulky products with various dimensions.

  • Perfect for the wrapping of doors
  • windows
  • cabinet doors
  • furniture kit
  • mounted furniture
  • wooden profiles
  • plastic and metal
  • aluminium extrusions
  • cardboard boxes
  • panels of wood or metal
  • sandwich for constructions
  • panels for the isolation
  • kitchen tops e panels
  • products with irregular shape etc.


The box fully automatic is ever since the flagship model of the company and represents the best proportion between investment and efficiency.
Due to the different diameters of the rotation unit the range covers completely any type of product category of a large variety of shapes and sizes.
Versatility, sability, robustness, reliability.
The use of material which reduces wear and spare parts and what caps the maintenance costs, this brings the product at the top of its class.
Infeed and outfeed powered conveyors lenth 660mm, width 400mm with manually adjustable height conveyors.