Bundle (Sleeve Wrapping)

  • Semi Automatic one piece sleeve wrapper with product loaded by pusher controlled using buttons.

  • One piece steel sheet framework and power coated on which are assembled sleeve wrapper and shrink tunnel.


Bundle Wrap machines suitable for packaging heavy grouped products (can-bottles) or single products
Sleeve Wrapping or Bundle Wrapping is the fast and efficient way to bundle multiply items such as bottles, box’s or cans in a shrink sleeve for the purpose of distribution through the supply chain in multi packs
Bundle Wrappers use two rolls of Shrink film to create a sleeve that goes around Items which can be collated together to suit a desired multi pack which are feed into the Sleeve Wrapper were a sealing head comes down behind the group of products and seals the film, the bundle is then transferred via conveyor to a heat shrink tunnel where the shrink film secures the items together
Sleeve Wrapped items is the preferred method of receiving items for most supermarket chains as it eliminates excessive cartons thus reducing waste costs
We can custom build Automatic and Semi-Automatic Sleeve Wrappers to suit your requirements as well as the Shrink Film.