GR2 Form Filling Machine

  • milk powder

  • rice powde
  • refine sugar
  • coffee powder
  • solid beverage
  • monosodium glutamate
  • flour
  • other powder products
  • sauce
  • paste
  • liquid


The wrapping machine GR 2 can change inclination from horizontal to inclined.
The longitudinal sealing of the bags is made through two pairs of wheels for pulling and sealing, the traversal sealing is made by the jaws with mechanical closing.
The forming tunnel is adjustable in order to make the change of size in a easy and quick way.
The new GR 2 works with different types of film: polypropylene, laminated film peroperforated film, etc.
The speed of the pulling of film, the length of the bags and the temperature of the sealing jaws and of the wheels are set through control board.