Minipack TSM 1000

  • cereals

  • nuts
  • cured meats
  • cheese
  • smoked fish
  • coffee
  • crisps
  • products from the bakery
  • fresh and frozen fruits
  • soups
  • sauces


STAND VACUUM MACHINE, with the new MVS XP line the vacuum inside the packaging can be traced: it is a new and revolutionary concept for the internal vacuum and an exclusive innovation in MINIPACK-TORRE style.
Indeed some models offer the possibility to obtain for any single packaging cycle a label where the essential processing information is printed automatically.
The new conception control display installed on these machines is rich in functions and is technologically up-to-date for the food industry.
The control panel allows fast operation settings thanks to its interactivity and user-friendly design and helps the operator to program the technical and assistance operations.
The all new MVS XP line is CE/ETL/NSF certified.