• Perfect for retailer

  • supermarkets
  • warehouse/club
  • convenience stores
  • cash & carry
  • butcher shops
  • delicatessens
  • health food shops
  • speciality food stores
  • fast food
  • bar
  • pub: restaurants
  • in-flight caterers
  • hospitals
  • hotels
  • stadiums
  • nursing homes
  • military
    bases: meat processors
  • seafood processors
  • dried fruits
  • produce suppliers
  • dairy
  • commissaries
  • sandwich producer
  • large scale kitchens
  • pasta and sausage factories
  • farms.


Do you need to quickly package food for retail sale purposes in a grocery store, farmers market or other food processing environment? If so the Minpack Ministretch is an excellent option.
The Ministretch is extremely automated.
It automatically wraps the plastic around the food tray and seals the plastic shut.
All the operator has to do is put the tray in the machine and pull down the hood.
The machine does the rest.
This is excellent for high-volume or daily packaging operations.