PRATIKA 56 CS + Kissing Belt

  • Eggs, Cucumber, Baked goods such as trayed muffins, pies and cakes

  • Box overwraps such as games
  • On-pack promotions
  • Bundled and club products
  • Multi-packs
  • Household products
  • Consumer goods
  • Paper (ream-size and up)
  • Pizza
  • Products with irregular shapes or voids


PRATIKA 56 CSÊis an innovativeÊautomatic wrapping machineÊthat imposes a new standard compared to other similar machines in the field of automatic shrink wrap machines.
High technological, mechanical and electronic content and reliability are the common traits of a series of machines with specific packaging features: each of them represents a response to special needs.
PRATIKA 56 CS allows to achieve a horizontal sealing exactly in the middle of the product (CS stands for CENTER SEALING) through the movement of the whole sealing head.
The model is equipped with kissing belt as standard.