Tray Sealer TSM 105

  • Perfect for tray packing and MAP is now the favoured form of packaging for products like fresh salads

  • almost all meats
  • snacks
  • ready meals
  • sandwiches
  • fruits and berries
  • fish
  • fresh pasta
  • dairy
  • dried foods and bakery products.


WHEN SIMPLICITY MATCHES WITH FLEXIBILITY, MINIPACK-TORRE Thermo-Sealing Machines are suitable to pack pre-stirred trays using top sealing film.
There are many materials which can be used such as: PP,PET,PS,PE.
Any machine can have a standard set of moulds with 1,2 or 4 impressions.
Beside these, it is always possible to create customised moulds according to the specific requirements of the customers.
All the machines are made of Stainless Steel and anodised Aluminium.
The work is regulated by an electronic timer and thermoregulator, all settings are sellectable by a control panel.
Some models have 9 different storable programs and can work with MAP (model vacuum/MAP).