• cereals

  • nuts
  • cured meats
  • cheese
  • smoked fish
  • coffee
  • crisps
  • products from the bakery
  • fresh and frozen fruits
  • soups
  • sauces


The vaccum packaging has never been so easy.
The MVS X line has a series of highly technological and functional features although remaining extremely userfriendly.
The collaboration with world class chefs during the design phase and creation has allowed us to enrich the functions of these next-generation products keeping in consideration the specific needs of professional users.
The membrane switch board is adhesive and stuck on the front of the body: this prevents the entry of liquids into the card.
The control panel can be programed with up to 10 customized programs.
The display shows when the oil change is needed with clear messages.
An electronic sensor analyses the data directly from the card and reads the vacuum grade carried out inside the chamber, furthermore it is also possible to calibrate the machine to correct any atmospheric pressure changes at different altitudes.