Minipack Carton Sealing SC1/500-A


Our carton sealers are compact machines that can fit packages of varying sizes, and they are easily able to be customised on the fly to keep the sealing and shipping processes moving along smoothly.
These machines are suitable for any work environment and industry, accommodating your needs and those of your customers.
The cartons donÕt stop as they pass through the system, being completely sealed so that pests cannot get inside, contents cannot spill out and the merchandise will be protected in transit.
Items are passed along a conveyor belt to allow for quick and efficient sealing.
These machines offer a secure way to store and ship products of all kinds and are compatible with many different types of cartons.
They use safe processing methods that protect you and your employees from harm as the cartons are sealed.
They also protect the cartons to ensure that not accidental damage occurs.