Minipack Digital Check Weigher Machine


Digital Check weighers can save you money by detecting problems with your packages and products.
They can automatically determine if a package is overweight or underweight.
Entire shipments of products can be rejected due to a single package being underweight and this scale system eliminates that problem.
The machine dynamically weighs the products as they pass across the conveyer belts eliminating the need for manual inspection and saving your company valuable employee hours.
The machine is able to detect imperfections that the naked eye may not be able to notice and ensure that every product is consistent and up to the standards you have set.
The machine can be customised to accept different weights and types of packages so that it can be used for your entire inventory.
You can rest easy knowing that every product has been carefully weighed and checked to ensure accuracy.
Available in different sizes and length and able to integrate into your production line.